Photo Organization

What does photo organization even mean anymore?

Prior to the digital age we all rushed to the local drugstore with our rolls of film to have our pictures developed; it was the only way we could see the pictures we took. There was an excitement about getting the pictures back and reliving the moments captured.

And, before even seeing them, we were buying duplicate and triplicate prints, all in the hopes of passing along the extras to friends and family.

Miraculously we were able to get most events represented in photo albums, for a few years anyway, but the duplicates and triplicates could still be found throughout the house. And there were always those used rolls of film lurking about begging the question “Have I been developed?”

Then technology changed and everything we knew about organizing photos went out the window. The day of using film, printing photos and creating photo albums came to an end for the casual photographer.

With this new technology came a new challenge – now we seldom, if at all, print our photos. Instead of having hundreds of photos and photo albums scattered about the house we have camera cards, CD’s, flash drives and an endless supply of electronic devices holding a decades worth of memories.

Of course, this leaves us with a new conundrum – How do we reconcile the old and the new ways we save and process our photos, and are there simple ways to move forward?

There are so many ways to organize, format and store your photos – it can be overwhelming just thinking about the options.

When you consider the enormous amount of time it will take to get them sorted and organized prior to formatting – it’s not a project one looks on with delight!

Our team of organizers can make this process easier for you.

We can help you get a handle on the current state of your photos, create a step-by-step guide to getting them sorted and organized, outline the costs and benefits associated with the multitude of formatting choices available and help you choose an option that best suits your goals.

And, if you’d rather turn the entire project over – we can handle everything from start to finish!