What Our Clients Say…

  • “Julie Hibbs works at the speed of light. She can mentally and physically go two to three times faster than I can in regards to going through anything and making decisions.”

  • “Julie, you were a godsend in handling our entire move. Squared Away took care of everything – from lining shelves to arranging for carpet cleaning, from unpacking all our boxes to organizing every single space in our new home. My wife and three small children were able to leave our old home untouched and return five days later to a totally up and running and completely organized new home. You were worth every penny!”

  • “Long story short, they made an incredible difference in my life.”

  • “Julie was so organized, I ended up turning my wedding planning over to her to handle. She went to Austin with us that weekend and just took over. It was great.”

  • “They made the world of difference. They never tire out and are always on the go.”

  • “You can be as involved or uninvolved in the process as you choose. Sometimes I would work along side them, other times I’d just leave a key out for them and let them have free reign to get the tasks done and I’d come home to a great surprise of massively organized things!”

  • “They can make order out of any mess. You can stare at your own things for years and not even see how disorganized it is. They can come in, weed it down and reorganize it to make it more functional.”

  • “Not only does Julie help you do it, she’ll help you set up a more organized system, so you can actually attempt to maintain it once she is gone. She was my motivating force of energy to get a lot of things done, that I had put off for years.”

  • “Once again, you and Squared Away have come to our rescue! After several brainstorming sessions with our staff, you used your superior organizational skills to lay out our new office and found a place for everything we needed to move. You even assisted us on moving day by ensuring the movers put everything into its proper place. Your attention to detail greatly assisted us.”

  • “Thank you for all of your professional help and advice – it made all the difference in the world just knowing that you and Squared Away were working with us.”

  • “As for Julie and Squared Away – you name it, they’ve done it. They have reorganized my entire townhouse and garage. I am the ultimate pack rat and have a hard time parting with anything, but they got me going! Having them help made a world of difference.”