Space Planning

Whether you are building a new house, remodeling your kitchen or just hoping to redo your closet – we can help you design any area of your home to maximize space, functionality and efficiency.

Architects and builders are irreplaceable when it comes to knowing how far apart to place the cabinet doors, calculating the space needed for the electrical wires, and knowing the proper width of the walkway to pass inspection, but few will detail their plans with your specific needs in mind.

We have worked hand in hand with some of the best architects and builders in town creating spaces tailor made to the client’s needs.

Squared Away will take an inventory of your belongings, and with that information and the necessary measurements, determine how many drawers you need and how deep they should be, how much hanging space you need and if it should be double, long or mid hang, calculate whether cabinets or drawers are the best solution for your small appliances.

All of our designs are created in a way to maximize flexibility so that as your needs and your lifestyle changes – so can your space.

With your vision and our attention to detail we can create a space to fit your life perfectly!